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This post is to let you know that production for the Video "Fab Gear" will begin in August, 2009. No release date as of yet.

Vinnie has an excellent team that works with him on the production of all his videos.

I have just added the song "Fab Gear" to Vinnie Zummo's playlist. Thank you to Vinnie Zummo for sharing your fabulous Music with the world!!

Enjoy the song "Fab Gear" as it's a Fab song.

Peace and Love,

Tina M.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Former Guitarist with Joe Jackson and currently playing Jazz Music with Vinnie Zummo Trio in New York City. Vinnie Zummo performed in the following songs with Joe Jackson "19 Forever," "Happy Ending, and "You Can't Get What You Want Til You Know What You Want".

Here's what Steve Vai and Joe Jackson had to say about the CD:

"A cool minty fresh zephyr wafted through my CD player when Vinnie Zummo's CD started to spin. It turned into a blue sky spring day and in my backyard it sounded like The Ventures meet Steinberger at a party that Chet was throwing for the Beatles. A very nice CD, congrats!"

Steve Vai, guitar virtuoso

"There's something sort of touching about how many songs are obvious tributes to specific people . . . and also how there is no obvious connection between them (Earth Wind and Fire and Les Paul?!) In the end it kind of makes me chuckle. It comes across very much as a musician doing something from the heart rather than thinking like an A&R man. And of course there's great playing."

Joe Jackson, Artist/ Songwriter

My new CD: "Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America"
http://cdbaby. com/cd/zummo2

My new video "RINGO" at:


http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=YWsz1oAUXOM=related

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=YWsz1oAUXOM=related

http://www. soundsonline. com/Kocktail-Kollection-pr-ZG138. html


"A Retro Cool Bossa Nova Christmas with Vinnie Zummo"
http://cdbaby. com/cd/zummo

Vinnie Zummo

web site:

Former Joe Jackson guitarist, solo artist, producer,writer, arranger, sound design, custom hip-hop drum.loops, accordion, & chromatic harmonica. Also, top call session player, producer, and TV & movie music composer in the NYC area.

Latest Projects:

1.Vinnie’s new highly eclectic album Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America. Can be ordered at:

2.A Retro Cool Bossa Nova Christmas with Vinnie Zummo: A smooth, cool, retro Bossa Nova Christmas album with a lot of jazz guitar. Can be ordered at:

3. So To Bed …So To Rise: A jazz CD by The Vinnie Zummo Quartet featuring Janice Zummo. Sophisticated jazz arrangements of children’s classics featuring Janice Zummo’s silky vocals and Vinnie’s soloing. (Can be ordered at )

4. Droppin Like It’s..Sample CD.Hip-hop drum loops & construction kits for Zero-G . Vinnie produced and constructed all of the loops.

5. Kocktail Kollection Authentic Lounge loopz from the 60’s. Over 1. 3 GB’s of greasy, spring reverb laden pieces, steel guitars, cheesy mono synths, vocal lix, guitar “chicks”, jazz guitar octaves, live & machine drumz, lo fi breakz,simulated old lounge record excerpts and hitz, make this a true trip into the oily, lounge lizard, musical past.

6. N.Y.Cutz: Hip-hop drum loops & construction kit CD available for Zero-G/East West in music stores all over the world. Vinnie produced the CD and constructed all of the loops. N.Y. Cutz was awarded the coveted Platinum Award by Future music UK and a Key Buy award by Keyboard magazine in it’s rave review of the CD.

7. N.Y. Cutz Vol.2 Off Da Hook The second CD in the N.Y. Cutz series and one of Zero G’s top sellers. It’s filled with over 1,500 phat beats, vintage keys, wak guitars, skrachin, old skool vocal lix, hi & lo fi live drums, and much more.

8. Shawn Pelton & Vinnie Zummo Escape From The Planet Of The Breaks Sample CD for Zero-G. Steaming, live drum loops featuring Shawn’s burning NYC groove in every kind of live drum setting plus guitars, clavinet, etc…. EQ Magazine did a six page article on Vinnie and the making of this CD in the July 2002 issue.

9. Nu Jointz, N.Y. Cutz Vol.3 A slammin’ collection of cutting edge hip hop beats.

10. Akoustik Bass Hitz Sample CD for Zero G. Jazz great Chip Jackson in a variety of groovez featuring Chip’s bass with matching drum loopz by Vinnie.Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock-A-Billy, Reggae, Ska, Metal, etc…It’s all here and every track features a full rhythm section with trax split out. (For more info on any of the above sample CDS go to:

11. Composed the central theme for the CNN/Brazil channel for their Brazil 500 series celebrating the country’s 5oo year anniversary and nineteen underscore pieces for CNN Headline News/USA. Wrote 3 themes for Japanese News program ”Newsnomori.”

12. Wrote music for As The World Turns and is currently writing for Guiding Light., MTV, and Oprah..

13. Wrote the music for Dynamic Mind/Body Balancing meditation CD.

14. Vinnie contributed to the Noize & Feedback column in the August 2002 issue of Guitar One Magazine.

15. DTM Magazine in Japan;featured Vinnie in a DVD where he shows how he makes his sample CDs.

16. Co wrote 3 songs and is a featured soloist on the CD : Two Trees by Al Jewer and Andy Mitran.

17. Vinnie plays, guitar, accordion, and mandolin on the new CD Tripasaurus vs.Blockhead

18. Is a guest player on the succesful children’s CD Bad Mood Mom and Other Good-mood Songs by Jamie Broza.

19.Vinnie produced and played most of the instruments on the CDs One and Wind & Water by Lew Doty.

20. Did an elevator music arrangement of the song: I Can See Clearly Now for the Nicholas Cage movie The Weathermen .

21. Vinnie has two new pieces Cocktails at Noon and If You Knew in the John Cusack,
Diane Lane movie Must Love Dogs.

22. Has written a large amount of music for the new TV Show Can’t Get A Date.

23. Vinnie directed and is featured in 4 product demo videos for Steinberger Guitars.

24. Vinnie is currently writing music for Oprah. Recently featured on the “Roadtrip” shows.

25. Produced and arranged Lullabies For Litle Angels by Shirley Gifford.

26. VInnie produced the Wind and Water CD for artist Lew Doty and in addition to doing all the arrangements he plays most of the instruments.

27. Vinnie writes a lot of music for Guiding Light and his song Policeman is featured on the CBS Guiding Light web site. He has two pieces featured on the
15,000 episode.

28. Vinnie has also written music for MTV Albums:

With The Joe Jackson Band:

Body & Soul
Joe Jackson Live 1980-1986
Big World
Blaze Of Glory (played 11 gtrs.accrdn & glcknspl on stage.)
Will Power
Greatest Hits
Tucker (Soundtrack)
Featured soloist on other albums by: Art Garfunkle (Up Till’Now), Shawn Colvin (Fat City), Roger Daltrey (Rocks in The Head), Paul Carrack (Groove Approved), Marti Jones (Birthday Suit), Dee Carstensen (Regarding The Soul), Nenad Bach (Greatest Hits) Dawn Avery (True), Jamie de Roy (The Child In Me Vol.1 &2), Danny Wilensky (And Then Some) Leslie Nuss (Action Hero Superstar), Ina Mae Wool ”Crack It Open”, Al Jewer & Andy Mitran “Two Trees”, Tripasaurus vs.Blockhead, Jamie Broza “Bad Mood Mom, as well as the self produced Modern Marriage by The Zummos on A&M Records.Vinnie has worked extensively with Producers Mike Maineri (co-produced Why Worry Now with Mike on the Art Garfunkle album Up Till Now.), Neil Dorfsman, Robin Millar, David Kershenbaum, Don Dixon, Mark Adler, Angelo Badalamenti, Francis Ford Coppola, Johnny Caruso, Bashiri Johnson, Dave Katz, Kyle Kelso, Joy Askew, Bill Mann, Richard Ford and others.

World Tours:

Body & Soul, Big World, & Blaze of Glory
Movie Soundtracks:
Featured soloist in: Tucker, No Way Home, Queens Logic, The Blood Oranges, Muhammad Ali bio-pic, The Suburbans, The Weathermen , and Must Love Dogs. among others.
Jingles :
Mercedes, Dawn, Flonaise, Fred Meyers, Therma Care Worker, Therma Care Golf, Mystic Soda,
Wrangler Amercan Hero (written up In NY Times,) Mounds, Almond Joy, Oreo Chubby Checker Campaign, Life Savers, Pepsi Woodstock Generation, MCI, Popeye’s Chicken, Maybelline/Europe, and many others.


Lands End theme (played nylon gtr.solo) for Paul Stanley, Profiler Theme (electric gtr.fx.) for Angelo Badalamenti, Going Places with Al Roker and HBO Undercover show Dealing Dogs (played accordion, harmonica. gtr.) for Jamie Lawrence, Ed TV show for Ahrin Mishan (harmonica, banjo, guitar,) The New Hollywood Squares Theme (played gtr &hrm ).for Mambo Music, Queer As Folk and cues for the Food Channel for David Baron

TV Appearances:
Saturday Night live, The Tonight Show, & 2 times on David Letterman (sat in with band, introduced on camera.)


Steinberger Guitars, Epiphone Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Labella Strings, Di Marzio Pickups, Eventide, Extreme Headphones, Snap On jacks,Vox, Korg, Demeter, Tonefrenzy, Aphek, Pedals, Pigtronix , Glenn Wyllie Pedals, Roland, George L Cables, Roger Linn Designs, Zoom, Samson,, Sans Amp, Marshall Amplifiers, Acoustic Image amplifiers, ADK microphones, Red Bear picks,Digitech effects and Ludwig.


Nineteen Forever Lyrics

(Words and Music by Joe Jackson) Vinnie Zummo: Guitarist

Sometimes I feel so alive
Sometimes I feel so clear
Just like the way we always were
So young and free from fear

I lose my fear of war and dying
And all the clouds just disappear
Only my mirror sees me crying
Each time I lose another year....

Wouldn't it be a drag to be like you
Settling down and having kids
And telling them what to do
Well I'm gonna stay... nineteen forever

We can do magic in these times
Be what we want to be
We'll all be rock 'n' roll stars
Immortal on TV

And if you see me getting tired
I've just been sleeping through the day
But I got something to keep me wired
So we can dance the night away

Wouldn't it be a drag to be like them
They're gonna sell out everything
But I won't be fooled again
Cause I'm gonna be... nineteen forever

You better believe it
You know my dream's still alive
You can love it or leave it
But I'm never gonna be thirty-five

(C) 1989 by Pokazuka Ltd. Administered in the U.S. and Canada
by Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Posted for informational purposes only!